Faithfully Paying it Forward

August 17, 2017Jon Umstead
The Drew and Cole Deddens Foundation Sponsored Alter High School Students Attending the Steubenville Catholic Youth Conference, 2017 This summer, 94 students from Alter High School and 10 chaperones attended the Catholic Youth Conference in Steubenville, Ohio, under the leadership of Mr. Ryan Mahle. The Drew and Cole Deddens Foundation sponsored several of those students, thanks to a donation from iStorm Group. According to Ryan, the number of participants in the conference nearly doubled from last year and likely represented the largest group of the 3,000 teens that attended the conference. The students listened to speakers, celebrated mass, experienced Reconciliation, shared in small groups and sang worship songs. Ryan said, “The highlight for most of the teens, however, was the power of Eucharistic Adoration on Saturday night. Many described experiencing the ‘amazing grace’ that comes when our hearts are open to the Holy Spirit.” The following are some of the quotes from students who attended:
  • “Steubenville was the most impactful experience of my entire life.”
  • “I can honestly say I had the best weekend of my life up to this point…I felt Jesus…prayer works…”
  • “I can say I truly know what love is and love IS Jesus Christ.”
  • “I finally got to feel God in my life and I couldn’t be happier.”
  • “It felt almost unreal how close I felt with my religion.”
With so many stories in the news about kids that have made bad choices or taken the wrong path, it is inspiring and heartwarming to see so many taking part in programs like this one. We are proud to have been a part of it.